Stationary Hors d’eouvres

Crudités of Fresh Vegetables with a Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Caperberries, Olives & Parmesan Reggiano Chunks and Savory Biscotti

Light Buffet Lunch

Assorted Finger Sandwiches to Include: Cucumber with Dill, Watercress and Roast Beef, Chicken Salad with Grapes and Walnuts

Spiral Tea Sandwiches: Smoked Salmon with Watercress & Dill, Grilled Vegetables with Roasted Red Pepper, Brie and Smoked Turkey

Petit Stuffed Chicken Breast Rolled with Spinach & Roasted Red Pepper, on a Fresh Tomato Basil Coulis, served at room temperature

Wild Grain Salad of Toasted Orzo, Quinoa, Wild Rice, Barley, Oranges & Toasted Pecans, served in a Radicchio Cup

Heirloom Tomato Ring with a Salad of Frisee, Parsley Oak Leaf Lettuce with Goat Cheese & Pecans Balsamic Fig Dressing

Fresh Fruit Skewers served over Yogurt Parfait with Granola Nut Toppings


Pretty Decorated Mini Cup Cakes

Petit fours, Assorted Mini Dessert on a tiered silver server (one on each table)

Mixed Berry Sundaes